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Data processing in GPR-Slice software


GPR-Slice software Company is known as one of the well-recognized developers of software for GPR data processing. Their program GPR-Slice works with GPR data of the main world-famous GPR manufacturers.
GPR-Slice program was created for the work with data of single- and multichannel GPR, including 3D representation and GPS data integration.



In January 2017 the developers of GPR-Slice added VIY3 GPR data format to the list of supported formats.
That will let all the users of GPR-Slice to process VIY3 GPR data in the software they got used to work with, and also to compare data results from different GPR manufacturers.

Below you can find an example of integrated VIY3-700 GPR data to GPR-Slice program.


Pictures - courtesy of Sum Kee Construction Limited, Hong Kong.

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