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New VIY3 software version:

We are glad to inform you that the software pack for VIY3 Ground Penetrating Radars has been updated.

The main changes were made to the interface of the Synchro program. Now the user specifies in advance the folder for saving profiles, the prefix of the file. The program automatically saves the profiles on the stop command.
Now in the process of probing the operator presses "reate a new profile" and "Stop", the rest of the program does it automatically.

The second significant change is now the scaling of the profile is possible in the probing process. For convenience, when creating a new profile, its scale is set by the height of the window. Also, the operator can stretch a profile by horizontal, for example, set "Proportionality X/Y, distance 2:1".



  • Increased controls for easy operation on tablets
  • added the ability to set the speed of a wave by reflection from an object at a known depth
  • the ability to set markers during scanning
  • in Planner, you can move the profile between sites (through the drop-down menu)

Please download new version of VIY3 software here:

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