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Planner Program

Planner program is designed to display all measured GPR data and all found items on the location plan and to manage the sounding process.

????????? Planner

Example of GPR profiles displaying.


????????? Planner

Convenient view and identification of GPR profiles. Marking on the GPR profile and on the view area.

????????? Planner

Arbitrary orientation and position of the base line.

???????? Planner

Unlimited number of GPR profiles in the site. Unlimited number of sites in the project.

????????? Planner

Area plan. Use of a raster image as a bottom layer in the project.

??????? Planner

Convenient editing of object's markers.

????????? Planner

Report preparation.

????????? Planner

Easy integration with Synchro3 program during sounding and data processing.

Data export to AutoCad.

3D visualization can be made directly from Planner.

3D interpolation can be built by any profile section in any project plane (Z,Y,Z).

Reports can be created by project's plan or 3D view.


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