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Transient Technologies LLC is participating in DGG-2017


We are pleased to inform that this year Transient Technologies LLC will be participating in DGG-2017 Conference (Germany Geophysical Society).


The Conference will take place on March 27-30, 2017 at Potsdam, Germany.

We are going to hold a field demonstration of GPR equipment and to lead a short educational seminar about working with VIY3 software.


During the Conference we are going to demonstrate:

Х New features of VIY3 GPR equipment
Х Updated version of Synchro3 and Planner programs with new features
Х VIY3-700h GPR Цa handheld GPR of 700 MHz frequency with a small measuring wheel and a new construction of the handle to make sounding process easier


We warmly welcome all people and Companies interested in new GPR technologies to visit our booth at DGG-2017!

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