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New features in VIY3 software version Modified Wavelet tool and new Normalizing tool


Transient Technologies LLC released updated Software package for VIY3 series GPR.
New version is


This time along with improving of softwares different tools and options, we added some tools that may be very helpful for users.


Main improvements and innovations:


  • Several improvements in software performance and stability.


  • Wavelet tool was modified. The new Wavelet can have one scale factor or the range of scale factors.



New Wavelets options allow user to save the subtle structures in GPR profile. That may be useful for an analysis of frequency properties of medium reflections.


  • Normalizing - new tool for profile processing. That tool was designed for traces amplitudes alignment in the GPR profile.

For example, that can be particularly helpful when antenna passes over the sewer manhole. In that case the signal amplitude reflected from this area is much higher than ones of other traces on the GPR profile. Sometimes there is very difficult to achieve the even signal amplitudes all around the profile using standard tools.


The example of GPR profile is given below:


Upper profile without Normalizing tool
Lower profile after Normalizing tool applying.


As you can see, having this tool applied we could make all signal amplitudes more even in the profile. Now we can distinguish some subtle signals more clearly.


One more example:



On the upper profile we can see the badly reflecting layer located on the right. The signal reflected from it has a very high amplitude and that hampers the other traces even amplitudes distribution.

After Normalizing tool application (see the lower profile) we got the more equalized picture especially in subtle signals amplitudes.

Please visit software webpage:

Please download the new Software package version here:

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