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GPR archaeological investigation of Wanda Mound in Krakow (Poland)


Last December 2016 GPR24.COM.PL Company (Poland) participated in an archaeological investigation on the legendary Wanda Mound in Krakow city.

This hill was built supposedly in VIIVIII centuries and it is assumed to be the resting place of the legendary princess Wanda, which was a daughter of Krakus, the founder of Krakow.


According to legend, Wanda committed suicide by throwing herself into the Vistula river, to avoid an unwanted marriage. The mound is located close to the spot on the river bank where her body was found.

For this investigation GPR24.COM.PL used 2 low-frequency GPR:  VIY3-125 GPR (main frequency 125 MHz, max. scan depth up to 15 m) and VIY3-070 GPR (main frequency 70 MHz, max. scan depth up to 30 m).
They sounded the slopes of the mound up to the depth of 14 meters.


As a result, they found some underground anomalies. Supposedly, they discovered the funeral chamber, located in the upper part of the mound.
After thorough GPR data processing and examination, specialists will create the full report to the end of January 2017.

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