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New release of VIY3 software package - ver

Transient Technologies LLC released a new version of VIY3 software package.
New program version is


New features:


  • Improved program performance and stability

  • New function was added: Automatic setup of online filtering and post-processing.

Now with the help of this function user can set up optimal parameters of online filters.
User can also adjust all filter parameters manually as before.


  • Gain filter now has a function of Automatic profile gain adjustment.

There was added Auto button to filter controls.
This button adjusts profile gain automatically on all depth long, making the gain even.


Below you can find examples of application of automatic profile gain adjustment.


Left screenshot: manual adjustment of the gain
Right screenshot: gain curve was adjusted automatically (button Auto was pressed)


Manual gain adjustment



Automatic gain adjustment


Please download new version of VIY3 software here:

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