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VIY3 GPR software update. New software version:

We are glad to inform you that the software pack for VIY3 Ground Penetrating Radars has been updated.


Whats new:

  • Stability of programs was improved
  • Software performance is higher
  • Programs' interface has been changed:


  • We made some improvements in the program. As a result, computer performance does not have any influence on the maximum movement speed of antenna.
  •  Interface of the GPR settings window was split on Basic and Advanced version:


Basic view of GPR settings window:

GPR settings for Synchro, basic version


Advanced view of GPR settings window:


GPR settings for Synchro program, advanced version


  • Buttons size has been enlarged




Interface of Planner program for VIY3 GPR


The following buttons were added:


  • Display profiles Button from Planner program for VIY3 GPR (from 1 to 7). User can change the number of profiles that are displayed simultaneously.


  • Scale button of Planner program for VIY3 GPR  Now user can change X/Y (distance-to-depth) scale for all profiles.


Please download new version of VIY3 software here:

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