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Application: Archaeology

GPR can be a helpful tool in archaeology. It allows to do quick survey of large areas before excavations.

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Geotech and Construction

The GPR can be used to survey sites with a large number of underground objects.

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Step of Sounding

Choosing correct step of data acquisition for GPR

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Cart-36 Handcart

Cart-36 handcart allows a single operator to quickly carry out examination of large areas. With Cart-36 GPR measurements are made easier and faster. The cart has durable and reliable design, universal mounting for notebook, 12 inch wheels, built-in odometer. Cart-36 has a minimum size when folded.

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VIY GPR with Telbin tehnology

When using technology Telbin significantly increased signal/noise ratio and, therefore, increased probing depth. The rate of sounding remains high.

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Custom design products

Transient Technologies LLC designs and manufactures embedded curcuit boards, different custom electronics with unique product requirements of customers.

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During archaeological explorations there is very reasonable to use GPR. It makes it possible to examine big areas of planned future excavations.
Therefore, that allows to decrease working time, to reduce substantially the territory of excavations and save limited financial resources.

The most important advantage of GPR use in archaeology is non-destructive assessment. Sometimes there is absolutely impossible to make any excavation (for example, historical places located in a dense urban building or under unique cultural objects). GPR allows to pinpoint the exact location of searched underground items, to map them with indication of the depth of each one.

Exploring historical buildings GPR also gives an opportunity to discover hidden rooms or passages and to find the fractures in the building.

The one more important factor of GPR use is a contactless sounding, for example, above the ground surface.

Another application of GPR is an exploration of underwater archaeological items, placed on/or under the bottom of fresh water reservoirs. There is a problem to get such information by other means.

VIY3 ground penetrating radar in archaeology


archaeoloigical investigation with VIY3 ground penetrating radar in Kiev


archaeological investigation with VIY3 ground penetrating radar in Poland

archaeological investigation with VIY3 ground penetrating radar in Krakow_ Poland

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