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New modification of VIY3-700 GPR: VIY3-700h

Transient Technologies presents a new model of VIY3-700 GPR.


The new GPR has the name of VIY3-700h.

The main difference from standard VIY3-700 GPR is in the flexible handle with small odometer wheel.
That innovation makes the device a very helpful tool for manual sounding of walls, concrete constructions etc.

The main features of the new measuring wheel:


  • Unlike standard  VO-20 odometer, this one is bidirectional, that facilitates so much operators work
  • The flexible handle of odometer allows to press the wheel better to the surface. That will help to avoid missing some part of the surface
  • Dust- and dirt- proof performance


Note: the standard VO-20 odometer is not included in the set of VIY3-700 GPR!

For ordering of VIY3-700h please add h letter to the main name of VIY3-700.

Order information:


To have more information please visit the product page:

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