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Ice and Snow

Ice and Snow

VIY3 GPR can be used under harsh conditions, including low temperatures. It works even in Antarctica, measuring the profile of ice and snow.

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VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete scanner VIY5-1500

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Application: Archaeology

Application: Archaeology

GPR can be a helpful tool in archaeology. It allows to do quick survey of large areas before excavations.

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GPR Bathymetry

GPR Bathymetry

GPR provides water depth and sub-bottom stratigraphy in freshwater lakes and rivers. Surveys can be carried out from small boats, rafts or even through the ice.

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VIY3-070 GPR for geology

VIY3-070 GPR for geology

The unigue low frequency GPR can be used by geologists to discover the deepest underground layers. The antenna is shielded.

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Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

The GPR can be used to survey sites with a large number of underground objects.

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VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete scanner VIY5-1500

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Transient Technologies LLC company offers a range of Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR), designed with taking into account all possible customer demands.

The range of applications for our GPRs is large: from geophysic to construction surveys, from archaeology to civil engineering.

New devices design goes together with our customers needs and we are glad to share our latest novelties, new applications and new useful features of our GPRs with all of you.

Pipes and cables 

searching for pipes and cables with VIY3 ground penetrating radar

GPR allows you to find a location, to measure a deposition depth of underground pipes and cables, and other infrastructure items.
The unique property of GPR - they can find both metallic and non-metallic items with an equal efficiency.

Civil Engineering

Exploration wih VIY3 ground penetrating radar before construction 

In the field of construction and infrastructure, GPR application makes it possible to have the most detailed topography of undergrounding. GPR helps people to discover ground water location, old underground passages and cavities remains, and karst layers.


Archaeological exploration wih VIY3 ground penetrating radar

Using GPR in archaeology you can process considerable areas that are planned for further excavations.
Therefore, the needed excavation area can be substantially reduced.
Time and financial costs will be reduced as well.

Examining historical buildings, GPR allows users to find hidden rooms, to spot areas of demolition in the object structure. What is remarkable, you can do a noncontact research with GPR (e.g. above ground surface).

Geology and environment

Using VIY3 ground penetrating radar in caves

VIY3 Ground Penetrating Radars allow people to have a topography of subterrain structure down to 15 meters.

That is in a great use for underground water exploration, searching for harmful chemical pollutions and underground cavities finding.

Ice and snow

Antarctical ice exploration with VIY3 GPR 

GPR can also be applied to measure ice and snow thickness and to explore snow structure. Besides, you can explore ground surface relief that is located under ice and snow masses.

Fresh water reservoirs exploring

Ecological exploration wih VIY3 GPR

In hydrobiology GPR also finds its applications:

  • fresh water reservoir bottom structure examination
  • finding items that lie on the reservoirs bottom and inside of the bottom sediment
  • measuring of peat and other bottom sediments thickness 
  • searching for underwater piping and other infrastructure items
  • archaeological underwater explorations

Roads and bridges

Using VIY3 ground penetrating radar for road service

The roads and bridges both construction and repair demand of the careful investigation of the roads surfacing state, quality of used concrete and geological assessment of ground structure under roads to find any heterogeneity.
GPR can be applied here for: tunnels examination, overall thickness of structure layers, runways state assessment.
The important advantage of GPR use quick road surface assessment.

Forensics and military

special applications of VIY3 ground penetrating radar

Police can use GPR as well in different forensic investigations (search for hidden burials, underground hiding places and passages etc.).
Military use of GPR includes locating and detection of buried explosive devices and land mines.


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