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VIY Software Package

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The VIY3 software is the one of the most important GPRs part. VIY3 software package is designed for GPR setup, sounding control, processing and storage of GPR data.

VIY3 software package consists of two programs: Synchro, and Planner. Both programs work in a close liaison with each other. That allows to see a whole measuring area plan with GPR profiles on it directly during sounding process.

Synchro program was designed for:

  • GPR control
  • GPR data imaging
  • Processing (filtering) of sounding results

Synchro3 software

More information about Synchro

Planner program was created for:

  • Imaging of GPR profiles  on the location plan
  • GPR profiles position editing
  • Objects markers editing
  • 3D visualization of resulting profiles and 3D interpolation by any profile section in any project plane
  • Export of GPR profiles and GPR markers to AutoCad
  • Making graphic reports with addition of inscriptions and other graphic elements

Planner3 software

example of 3D representation for Planner program

More information about Planner

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