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Custom devices

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Transient Technologies LLC designs and manufactures embedded circuit boards, different custom electronics with unique product requirements of customers.


custom design Horn antennas


Our highlighted strengths in custom design:

  • Analogue radioelectronic systems, including Ultra Wide Band (UWB) devices
  • Microcontroller and digital circuits
  • Antennas, including Ultra Wide Band ones
  • Wire and wireless communication protocols
  • Embedded systems
  • Software for different applications

Our engineers work with your concepts to provide you with the best product to meet your requirements. We use our vast experience and tried and proven technology to create a custom product that can satisfy your needs.

Our design team can work with you to develop your specifications and then design the product using the appropriate technology.


custom design EM-tracker

custom design product

custom design Submersible antenna

custom design of 5-chanel 300 MHz antennas

custom design of 5-channel 500 MHz antennas

Custom design device

custom design software


From open-board type custom electronics to systems working in harsh environmental conditions, we have the expertise and experience to design the product to your requirements.

We provide you with a design from concept through prototype delivery.

We deliver quality designs and prototypes as full production capabilities for producing custom electronics and electronic devices.

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office 307, 13 Yevhena Sverstyuka str. Kyiv 02002, Ukraine
phone: +380 44 2408594


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