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VIY5-070 Ground Penetrating Radar

VIY5-070 Ground Penetrating Radar VIY5-070 GPR1 with text VIY5-070 GPR_2
VIY5-070 Ground Penetrating Radar

The VIY5-070 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) is used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation, up to 30 meters depth. 
The VIY5-070 GPR is suitable for searching of both metal and dielectric objects.

Basic applications:

  • Research of geological structures
  • Investigation of man-caused accident areas
  • Search for underground objects (voids, cracks, heterogeneous inclusions, fissuring rocks)
  • Search for underground constructions (underground passages, sewers, etc.)
  • Ground water level mapping
  • Search for soil frost penetration zones, permafrost areas
  • Exploring ground structure in quarries
  • Subsurface deposits profiling
  • Search for source of leakage from pipelines by indirect signs (excessive moisture)
  • Hydrologic investigations of bottom structure at fresh water reservoirs


  • GPR consists of 2 separate antenna units: transmitter and receiver
  • Direct connection of Measuring wheel and GPS to antenna unit
  • Receiver antenna unit can be connected to laptop through Wi-Fi or USB
  • Real time signal pre-processing (Online filtering)
  • Auto-Calibrated online filters
  • Increased dynamic range due to digital traces-stacking
  • High signal-to-noise ration due to innovative Telbin technology
  • Automatic recognition of connected antenna unit
  • Wide range of post processing filters
  • GPR data are processed in a computer with VIY3 software installed 
  • No additional Control Unit. Any Windows-based computer (laptop) can be used for working
  • Batteries are installed in each antenna unit
  • Low power consumption: not less than 6 hours of working session before next charging
  • Long-life sealed lead acid batteries permitted for air-carrying
  • Durable antenna bodies made of fiberglass plastic


Application of VIY3-070 GPR


Example of VIY3-070 GPR application

  • Antenna frequency: 70 MHz
  • Receiver-to-Transmitter offset: 1500 mm
  • Analogue-to-Digital Converter range: 18 bit
  • Dynamic range: not less than 135 dB
  • Data acquisition rate: up to 120 traces per second
  • Survey window: 240, 360, 480, 600 ns
  • Maximum number of samples per trace: 1 000
  • Trace stacking number: up to 300
  • Depth of sounding: up to 30 m (determined by soil properties)
  • Spatial resolution: better than 2.0 m
  • Trigger mode: single, internal, external 
  • File size of a single profile: up to 1 000 000 traces
  • Interface: USB2 or WiFi
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) each antenna:  1200x607x308 mm
  • Weight: 2*36.0 kg
  • Operating temperature range: -20C to 40C
  • Continuous operation time: not less than 6 hours

The VIY5-070 GPR set includes:

Antenna units   VIY3-070
Antenna units are placed in durable fiberglass housings. Antenna units have sockets to connect: Data cable, Synchro cable, measuring wheel and/or GPS receiver.


VO-36    VIY3-070 Measuring Wheel
Measuring wheel (odometer) VO-36 was designed to determine passed distance during GPR profile acquisition. Odometer can be mounted to the antenna unit and is connected to antenna by special connector. 

  • Calibration is not required;
  • Dust/mud protection;
  • Easy mounting to the antenna unit without any extra tool


Battery ChargerBattery charger for VIY3-125 ground penetrating radar
Reliable, sealed charger for charging built-in batteries.




Data CableData cable to connect VIY3-125 antenna unit and laptop
The cable that connects antenna unit to USB port of your computer.



Synchro Cable       VIY3-070
The cable that connects transmitter and receiver antenna units of VIY5-070 GPR




Transport BeltTransportation towing belt for VIY3-125 antenna unit



User's ManualEnglish version of User manual for VIY3 series of ground penetrating radars





Backpack Backpack for accessories of VIY3-125 ground penetrating radar
Durable and comfortable backpack for transportation of all accessories for GPR. It has many compartments, including protected compartment for laptop.




Portable shelf for laptopVIY3-125 GPR operator's portable shelf for laptop
Foldable shelf was designed to be attached to the backpack and to let the operator carry out comfortable work with a laptop


The VIY5-070 GPR is supplied with different options.

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