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Synchro Software

Synchro Software

Synchro program is designed for: - GPR control - GPR data imaging - Processing (filtering) of sounding result

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The VIY5-600 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation, up to 3,5 meters depth. The VIY5-600 GPR is suitable for searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (utilities, voids, fondation constructions, etc.).

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Planner Sofware

Planner Sofware

Planner program is designed for: Imaging of GPR profiles on the location plan GPR profiles position editing Objects? markers editing Export of GPR profiles and GPR markers to AutoCad Making graphic reports with addition of inscriptions and other graphic elements

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Geological surveys

Geological surveys

GPR is used for location and analysis of underground anomalies using electromagnetic pulse radiation.

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VIY5-125 Ground Penetrating Radar

VIY5-125 Ground Penetrating Radar

The VIY5-125 ground penetrating radar (GPR) is used for location and analysis of underground anomalies using electromagnetic pulse radiation. The GPR is suitable for searching of both metal and dielectric targets (stratiform structures, pipes, voids, building constructions etc.).

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GPR Bathymetry

GPR Bathymetry

GPR provides water depth and sub-bottom stratigraphy in freshwater lakes and rivers. Surveys can be carried out from small boats, rafts or even through the ice.

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Synchro Software

Synchro Software

Synchro program is designed for: - GPR control - GPR data imaging - Processing (filtering) of sounding result

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The VIY5 series Ground Penetrating Radars (GPR) are radars for underground sounding, designed for locating and analysis of subsurface items and anomalies with the aid of electromagnetic pulse radiation.

Our products are helpful tools for: 

  • Pipes, cables finding and mapping on the location plan. Material of items can vary - metal, plastic, concrete, asbestos, fiber-optic etc.
  • Investigationg before building (searh for subsurface items, concrete structure's fissures and vesicles location, ground waters and karst cavities finding)
  • Non-destructive archaeological investigations
  • Eco- and geological explorations (soil structure examination, searh for underground reservoirs and subsurface pollution areas etc.)
  • Forensics and military applications (underground passages and shelters finding, search for illegal burials etc.)
  • Bridges and roads structure assessment
  • Ice and snow thickness measurment and structure analysis
  • Caves exploration

Main advantages of VIY5 series GPRs:

  • Quick system deployment on the location
  • All antenna units are bistatic and shielded (including 125 MHz antenna unit)
  • The Telbin new signal processing technology substantially increases signal/noise ratio along with high sounding speed
  • No extra Control Unit antenna unit can be connected directly to laptop through USB or through wireless Wi-Fi connection
  • Reliable, durable, stable and effective DSRD impulse generator
  • High-performance 18-bit receivers ADC - the highest digit capacity amongst existing GPRs
  • All collected GPR data are processed in computer. Errors can be corrected at any moment, original data are kept unchangeable
  • Original Software. Free of charge for Users.
  • Automatic topographic correction without additional costly land-surveying equipment
  • Low power consumption
  • All accessories (GPS, odometer) can be connected directly to antenna unit without any extra cables, without any additional connection with antenna and laptop.
  • Built-in battery that can be easily replaced
  • External GPS receiver is optional
  • Built-in battery charge through antenna connector
  • Dust and dirt-proof odometer
  • Easy, handy and safe connection of measuring wheel (odometer) without any extra tools
  • Universal foldable GPR handcart
  • Handy and reliable monoblock antenna cases design
  • Durable fiberglass bodies withstand mechanical impacts
  • Leak proof "push-pull" connectors

Table of VIY5 GPRs' specifications: 

Model of GPR VIY5-37 VIY5-600 VIY5-300 VIY5-125 VIY5-070
Max sounding depth, meters 2.5 / 8.0 3.5 8.0 15 30
Survey window, nsec 16...40 / 66...166 34, 51, 68, 85 66, 100, 133, 166 120, 180, 240, 300 240, 360, 480, 600
Antenna unit, MHz 700 / 300 600 300 125 70
Spatial resolution, meters, (not worse) 0.12 / 0.3 0.14 0.3 1.0 2.0
Dimensions, mm 290 x200x 100 610x312x170 1105 x 580 x 232 2 units* 1200x607x308
Weight, kg 5.0 2.0 9.0 25.0 2 units*36.0


VIY5-070 GPR

VIY3-070 ground penetrating radar


VIY5-070 GPR has the lowest central frequency in VIY5 GPR product range.
This GPR can be successfully applied in research and mapping of subterranean geological layers, big voids and other objects.
The penetration depth is up to 30 m.
GPR consists of two antenna units - receiver and transmitter. Both of them are fully shielded, that allows to minimize external (surface) interferences.

Main applications:

  • Geologic and hydrologic surveys; 
  • Investigation of mines and quarries internal structures;
  • Ecology.

VIY5-125 GPR

VIY3-125 Ground Penetrating Radar antenna unit

VIY5-125 GPR the device applicable for deep deposited objects and the ones of big volume.
Max.sounding depth (thickness) down to 15 meters.
Shielded antenna usage allows to minimize unwanted noises from external surface objects.

Main applications:

  • Geology and hydrography
  • Construction (deep and detailed foundation probe etc.)
  • Archaeology (deep buried artefacts finding)


VIY5-300 GPR

VIY5-300 GPR is the optimal solution for underground objects (or construction structure) topography and mapping, where high depth goes with high scanning resolution.
Max.sounding depth (thickness) down to 8 meters.

Main applications:

  • Construction
  • Utility location
  • Forensic and military investigations
  • Archaeology



VIY5-600 GPR


VIY5-600 GPR combines both portability and good sounding depth. May apply where high resolution of sounding is very important.
Max.sounding depth (thickness) down to 3,5 meters.

Main applications: 

  • Construction
  • Roads and bridges
  • Utility location
  • Forensic and military investigations (search for illegal burials, underground passages, hiding places etc)
  • Archaeology


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