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Shipment of VIY GPR from Europe

Shipment of VIY GPR from Europe

For convenience our customers we created stock in the Germany. It is possible to order our products by B.E.S.T Elektronik GmbH

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VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

VIY5-1500 Ground Penetrating Radar

Concrete scanner VIY5-1500

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Synchro Software

Synchro Software

Synchro program is designed for: - GPR control - GPR data imaging - Processing (filtering) of sounding result

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Stock in Europe

Stock in Europe

For convenience our customers we created stock in the Germany. It is possible to order our products by B.E.S.T Elektronik GmbH

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The VIY5-600 Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be used for location and analysis of underground objects using electromagnetic pulse radiation, up to 3,5 meters depth. The VIY5-600 GPR is suitable for searching of both metallic and dielectric objects (utilities, voids, fondation constructions, etc.).

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Planner Sofware

Planner Sofware

Planner program is designed for: Imaging of GPR profiles on the location plan GPR profiles position editing Objects? markers editing Export of GPR profiles and GPR markers to AutoCad Making graphic reports with addition of inscriptions and other graphic elements

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Geological surveys

Geological surveys

GPR is used for location and analysis of underground anomalies using electromagnetic pulse radiation.

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GPR Bathymetry

GPR Bathymetry

GPR provides water depth and sub-bottom stratigraphy in freshwater lakes and rivers. Surveys can be carried out from small boats, rafts or even through the ice.

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Shipment of VIY GPR from Europe

Shipment of VIY GPR from Europe

For convenience our customers we created stock in the Germany. It is possible to order our products by B.E.S.T Elektronik GmbH

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VIY Software Package ver.

VIY software package allows user to set up all features of VIY GPR, to control the measurement, to upload data to the computer, to save data, and to process and print all measured data.

VIY Software Package ver.

Software for VIY3 GPR



PDF VIY5-900 English

PDF VIY5-600 English

PDF VIY5-600 Spanish

PDF VIY5-37 English

PDF VIY5-37 Spanish

PDF VIY5-300 English

PDF VIY5-300 Spanish

PDF VIY5-125 English

PDF VIY5-125 Spanish

User Manual for Synchro3 Program

Synchro3 is the main program for GPR control and post-processing of collected GPR data.
Synchro3 may work independently or together with Planner program.

User Manual for Synchro3 Program

User Manual for Synchro3 Program (Spanish Version)



User Manual for Planner Program

Planner program was developed to work together with Synchro program as a useful tool for GPR profiles representation on a location's plan, to build 3D View of GPR data, and to create reports.

User Manual for Planner program

User Manual for Planner program (Spanish Version)


Planner software for VIY3 GPR


Examples of projects for Planner program

Below you can find some examples of Planner projects.
The projects include GPR data, reports and 3D data representations.

1) Kiyv Pechersk Lavra

GPR data were collected after an investigation, that had place on the territory of Kiev Pechersk Lavra (Kiev, Ukraine).


example of Planner program project

We made an examination of underground passages and communication lines network that go through the monastery's garden (the place is marked on the map by red arrow).

In this example you can find the set of 26 GPR profiles for Planner program. The location of the underground pipe lying on 1.5 m depth is marked on the plan by markers.

example of Planner project in Kiev Lavra

You can open every single profile in Synchro software for more detailed examination and additional processing. This is possible to do directly from Planner.

You can also find reports of Planner software (top view) and 3D report in the archive folder.

3D view of GPR data 

2) Search for remains of a water pipeline

Location: Santiago, Chile. 
There was led a research for remains of a water pipeline before telecommunication cable installation.

example of VIY3 GPR project in Santiago

As a result the pipeline was found on a depth of 0.6m

Planner project of VIY3 GPR in Santiago

As you can see in this example, the amplitude of the pipeline reflection is getting faint since 23th profile.
That might be concerned with changing of soil content on a shallow depth. In this area the soil was contaminated with garbage containing different small metallic parts. That could lead to screening in this zone.


examples of Planner's GPR profiles


Also you can see 3D representation of GPR sounding results.

 3D view of VIY3 GPR project in Santiago


Examples of the other profiles for Synchro software


VIY3 GPR profile of sand pit

This is an example of GPR survey that was led on a sand-pit.
In an archive folder you can find profile files and two pictures: original screenshot of the profile and a screenshot of a profile after Topographic correction applied.


search for utilities with VIY3 GPR

The goal of the sounding on this location was meant to find buried utilities. You can see them marked by markers on the profile. Also you can see fire-reservoir buried on a depth of 2,5 m.


search for utilities with VIY3 ground penetrating radar

On this profile you can see several objects that are located in a wide trench.

The left border of the trench is seen as a slant line going from 3rd to 12th meter of the profile.
The right border of the trench can be traced from 16th meters until the end of the profile. 
Local objects in the form of diffraction hyperbolas are marked with red markers. Brightness of hyperbolas depends on the differences in dielectric properties of the objects and the medium. Objects are discernible up to 4 meters depth (with the wave speed 107 meters per microsecond).

Below you can see the same profile with Migration applied:

Migration tool for VIY3 GPR profile

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